Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting to know you.


Please rate between one and five (5 = very important)

All questions apply to your daily life.

1. How highly do you value quiet time?

2. Knowing where your food grows and who grows it.

3. Getting eight hours of sleep every night.

4. The practice: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

5. Surrounding yourself with unique and beautiful things.

6. Remembering dreams.

7. Noticing changes in your surrounding wildlife.

8. Escorting spiders outside of your home.

9. Listening to people rather than waiting to talk.

10. Walking without anywhere or anything to do.


10-15: You may be a robot. Check your pulse immediately.
16-25: Take 10 deep breathes and check in with the Institute daily.
26-35: You live on Earth, but not with Earth. Check in with the Institute daily.
36-50: The Institute wants your ideas and topics for preservation.

1 comment:

centeroftheworld said...

1. About the same as I value time for hobbies, which is usually what I fill quiet time with. What is quiet time exactly? What are the limits on sound/noise?

2. Very important. Three years ago I'd have said not important at all. The Accountability Movement in food production is now a credible agent of correction against the industrialization of it, and the dangers therein.

3. Critical... unless I purposefully get only 3 - 5 to catch an early flight, etc. Hence why I had such problems working for The Man and His Schedules.

4. Definitely do the triple Rs. Proudly grew up doing so back in the day when we had to separate all our recyclables too! Just need to get myself a nice compost container now...

5. This is difficult but easier here in San Francisco than in most places. Our new office is pretty unique and beautiful. :)

6. Extremely important. I have been spoiled with a secondary existence for 8 hours a day where I can fly, go where I want and control all sorts of things you'd never otherwise expect. This isn't something one lets go of easily, especially on a foggy morning.

7. Constantly peering at the unique plants and animals around me. California Condors are spectacular and only seen here. The palms along Dolores delight me. Dying pigeons make me sad.

8. Depends. This is particularly hard for me but I will do so 90% of the time. Smaller, less leggy bugs beware.

9. What? Did you just read all of this eloquence I just laid down? What do you have to say? Oh, wait, I see. You're saying I should just RATE the questions as to their importance. Woops. Zero points for me!

Any great conversationalist is my best friend.

10. Not so often, but recently I've done a lot more of this. One needs to have personal, quiet, unscheduled time, which is a hot commodity these days.