Sunday, September 12, 2010

Senescence : Part 1

Seed saving is becoming a lost art for the average citizen. Seeds can now be acquired at a super market, and it is convenient, but the quality is usually suspect. Also, many gardeners today prefer to have everything look good year round. When plants die, it is a special beauty not fit for all.

I have chosen to save my own seeds year after year. It is best to save the best looking pods for genetic strength. You are probably wondering where the original seeds came from. I got them from a seed company with a good reputation and mostly organic farming practices. It is important to research your seed companies and check the seed viability and fertility. Some seed "manufacturers" design seed that will not reproduce so you are required to keep buying more seed year after year. It is a travesty of the plant kingdom and human civilization.
This is why at the Institute, we will record and preserve ways to save seed and we will stock viable seed for future generations.

In order to get better acquainted, take today's quiz!
For each photo, name the plant that is beginning to die and turn to seed. You can score 1 to 11.
Answers will post later.












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